Shark ION X40 ultra-light cordless stick vacuum Review

Shark ION x40 is known to be more than just vacuum cleaners, and they do it perfectly and effectively. They are made from brands that you can trust and deliver at all times.

Shark ION x40 is a convertible vacuum cleaner that has no cord or bag. It is mainly designed to work as a lightweight cordless and bagless stick vacuum.

It can also work as a powerful cordless and bagless handheld unit. With attachment tools, shark ION X40, allows you to do the Cleaning in various ways.

You can use your machine beyond floors. With its convertibility, you can as well use it in vacuuming your car. This machine also comes with various features which all together function widely.

The manufacturer has taken different considerations of most individuals who use the product in the making and designing of this vacuum.

Shark ION X40 Ultra-Light Cordless Stick Vacuum Review / 5 Major Features Reviews :

1. Powerful cordless suctionShark ION X40 ultra-light cordless stick vacuum

Shark ION X40 features maximum rated power at 300 W. It has got ION boost mode.

This cordless suction provides a right width of cleaning path going up to 8.6 inches.

The Units usually work in the so-called ION Power mode during operation, which is recommended for daily Cleaning.

Users can select ION Boost mode by pressing the necessary button when higher suction is needed.

As ION Boost improves vacuum suction, the working time of the vacuum is also reduced. It, therefore, restricts ION Boost mode to one minute. If more time is needed, the user must click the necessary button again.

2. Runs for 40 minutes in handheld Vacuum power mode

With its size and functionality, this machine works best in small homes. It works slower in this power mode compared to when running in ION power mode. This power mode is recommended in daily operations despite taking a lot of time.

You can change between any power mode with a press on the button. It’s easy to change the styles though it is recommended to read the manual thoroughly before using it.

3. Runs for up to 30 minutes for hard floor cleaning and 25 minutes when cleaning carpet in ION power mode

This powerful vacuum cleaner can also work best in ION power mode. This machine contains one ION power pack battery holding 7-cells made of lithium. The vacuum produces 25.2 volts.

Rechargeable batteries from lithium-ion provide fade-free power and can be recharged in the unit, removed from the group or in the particular charging station.

You can either decide to use your machine in vacuum power mode or the ION power mode. To completely charge your battery, you will have to wait up to o 3.5 hours.

4. DuoClean Technology

DuoClean technology contains one power head, two brush rolls, side edge brushes and LED headlights. It was invented to solve the problem of leaving some debris behind.

Most vacuum cleaners are designed to work well on either large trash or small debris. This technology works well in all floors cleaning the fine dust and large debris on your carpets and thick rugs.

LED headlights also make this machine one of is kind. They are designed to help you when cleaning low light areas; they will also help you in spotting dirt during daylight.

5. Convertible designShark ION X40 ultra-light cordless stick vacuums

You can convert Shark ion X40 into a hand vacuum. The handheld vacuum increases its versatility as well as above-floor cleaning.

There are those scenarios when you want to reach some areas which require the closer view to do a thorough cleaning.

This will leave you longing to find a shorter vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Shark ion X40 has considered all these needs in its design. Just switch to a lightweight handheld vacuum and see your work become more comfortable.

This is simple, with a push of a button. It also gives you an opportunity to use included attachments for versatile cleaning above the floor and other hard-to-reach places.

Why should you use Shark Ion X40?

Shark ION X40 ultra-light cordless stick vacuum Reviews

1. Powerful cleaning without the cord

Streamlined Shark performance has gone cordless. DuoClean technology takes on carpets and floors while a removable battery gives you up to 40 minutes of powerful, versatile Cleaning.

2. Transitioning between different floor types is simple

You may think that this machine requires immense knowledge to maneuver through different types of floors.

You don’t need any expertise to use this machine in the various levels. By pressing the button, the user can set optimum settings for carpets and bare floors as well as small area rugs.

3. Deep clean carpets

Some carpets may hide tiny particles in them. If not well cleaned the particles may render your carpet to wear out fast.

For deep cleaning on carpets, fit Shark DuoClean with a firm bristle brushroll which the manufacturer designed for use on the mats. This ensures that the carpets are deep cleaned, removing all dirt.

4. High performance

Having two brush rolls, this vacuum cleans the floor leaving no stain behind. They work in unison cleaning both small and large debris.The soft brush roll in the front pulls in piles and clears dust on hard floors for a polished look.

The soft brush roll is designed to clean up more massive particles. It also has side edge brushes. This extra brush roll means your cleaning experience is going to be smooth.

5. Useful add-ons

Shark ion X40 comes with some essential tools. They are designed to help in the cleaning process. It ensures that no dirt is left behind whatsoever. Two extra tools in this package include the following; Upholstery and Crevice tool.

The upholstery tool is designed to collect pet and human hair, as well as many specks of dust from mattresses, sofas, curtains, and other sensitive fabrics.

It also comes with 8″ Crevice tool, which is a lengthy and narrow cleaning tool designed to clean tight and confined spaces, angles, edges, and comparable hard-to-reach spaces.

Product Benefits
  • Good air filtration
  • Have two different brush rolls increasing its efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Has lightweight hence one can move around with it easily
  • Has transparent dirt cup easily monitoring the amount of vacuumed dirt
  • Versatile
  • Keeps you safe from inhaling dust and allergens
  • Has strong suction power
  • Smooth transition between different floor types
  • Has a removable battery which makes it easy to buy extra ones Cons
The Negative Things
  • Air filtration require extra care
  • Lacks the HEPA filter, though it has a dual foam filter which also works quite efficiently
  • Suitable only for small houses

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there any problem with draining the battery ultimately each time used?

No. It is advisable to charge the battery to it’s full and drain it thoroughly before charging it again.

2. Can the brushes damage the edges of the hardwood?

No. The Duo Clean technology has a bristle brush and soft brush working best for a clean and polished look on your floors

3. Can this machine clean up animal hair?

Yes. It has an upholstery tool specifically designed to collect pet hair as well as human hair.

4. Does the extension wand remain attached when using a handheld?


5. Does it operate quietly?

No. Powerful machines will make noise in most cases.

Final Verdict

Shark ION X4 is an excellent machine if you care about your time, energy, and great assurance in your cleaning experience. The machine’s ability to work beyond the floors is a great idea that makes this vacuum cleaner unique.

It not only ensures that your floors, carpets, and ceilings are kept clean but also your car. Though shark ION X40 is considered best for small houses or apartments, its output is worth it.

You can also buy an extra battery if you want to increase the time you want to work before the next recharge.

Getting shark ION X40 is worth your money. With various positive feedback about this vacuum, its no doubt it will serve your purpose to the best.