Shark ion robot vacuum r85 review

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum R85 makes it enjoyable and straightforward to remain in your home ahead of daily cleaning. ThisĀ robot vacuum helps in cleaning debris, pet hair, carpet cleaning, and hard floor cleaning with ease.

The robot leaves no un-vacuumed surface. It is useful, and you will understand when it uses it thanks to its app.Shark Ion Robot R85 version came with a slim, battery-powered hand vacuum that also docks at the base of the robot.

Its Wi-Fi connectivity opens up a broad range of control possibilities, including voice commands and pairing of smartphones. It has a remote which is useful when your internet is down.

Thanks to its main features such as colossal dirt bin, auto-docking and a long-lasting, self-cleaning brush roll. The R85 robot vacuum features Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 and many other features.

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85 Review / 5 Major Features:

1. Three Suction StrengthsShark ion robot vacuum r85 review

It comes with three suction strengths. The user can adjust the suction power of the vacuum cleaner depending on the concentration of debris and the type of flooring.

Three alternatives are available with the ION R85 robot vacuum. The default setting is the normal mode, and it is appropriate for daily vacuuming.

Silent mode is suitable when watching TV for bare floors and turning down the volume, and max mode takes care of large messes or dense carpet.

The suction amount of the R85 is predicted to be 1,400 pascals. The suction is three times more strong when it operates in max mode than its impressive predecessor robot vacuum Shark ION R75.

2. Self-cleaning brush roll

The R85 brush roll is a godsend for holders of pets. Its hard bristles are placed in a V-shape to improve the capacity of the brush roll for lifting hair and dirt.

Even better, from the brush roll, you don’t have to pluck fur wads painfully. Instead, the brush roll avoids the occurrence of tangles and cleans itself.

There are two spinning brushes on the robot. The side brushes that assists in retrieving debris from the vacuum.

They remove dirt from baseboards and edges of the wall as well. They are also well-advanced to remove dust that accumulates in the corners of the wall.

3. Smart sensor navigation

How does this robot vacuum dodge stairs, people, animals, furniture, and stray objects with expertise? Thanks to Shark’s Smart Sensor Navigation.

This second-generation sensor technology features a random wall-to-wall pattern of Shark’s most intuitive sensors to date.

The anti-cliff and obstacle-evading sensors collectively assist the robot get to know the design of your home or apartment.

The moment the robot gets stuck, it will sound like 30 seconds worth of silent beeps to let you know it requires your attention.

The wheels of the robot also play a significant part in the movement of the appliance. The vacuum also can cross thresholds as high as three-fourths per inch with a couple of heavy-duty wheels.

The rotating caster enables the robot to create tight three-point turns, helping the vacuum to clean the corner and dodge obstacles.

4. Massive dustbin

Nearly every robotic vacuum on the market lacks automation. When the dirt container on a vacuum is tiny, this job rapidly becomes cumbersome.

Compared to other robot vacuums, the bin on the R85 is big. Its 0.66-liter capability implies that there may be few and far between journeys to the garbage.

The container’s bottom can be seen-through. Together with a noticeable fill line, this function will let you know when it’s time to dump content inside the bin. To do this, open the latch and slide the tray out.

So that you can prevent dirt from flowing, the container has a hinged top. You will see the plisse pre-motor filter of the robot vacuum when you open it, which traps fine particles like dust.

5. Bumper protectedShark ion robot vacuum r85 review

In your house, you don’t want beat-up furniture, and you want your robotic vacuum to remain new. The black and gray finish on the R85 is sleek and appealing after all.

The bumper on the robot vacuum protects your furniture as well as the robot itself.

This bumper is dense, absorbing shocks from accidental contact with unexpected barriers.

Due to the comparatively big dirt bin of the robot, the trade-off for that elevated ability is a larger body than the super-slim designs out there.

The Shark ION R85 is short enough to slide under a standard mattress frame at the height of 3.4 inches. It can suck those dust bunnies that a standard upright can not reach. Its width is also average, with a diameter of 12.8 inches.

Why should you use Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85?

Shark ion robot vacuum r85 review

1. An excellent runtime

Working time of 1 hour per charge can be expected. Since the battery is lithium-ion, as the battery concentration approaches 0 percent, the suction will not disappear. It takes just 3 hours to go from 0 to 100 percent, and its recharge time is quite quick.

2. Attractive compact design

The Ion’s top is a dark gray and black mix with three buttons: Clean, Dock and Max. Over the physical buttons appear lighted indicators for the mistake, load level, and Wi-Fi.

The Ion’s manual has got a long list of combinations and sounds of error-light, that is helpful if your phone isn’t around, but we would prefer the app to decode the mistakes for us.

3. High performance

The Ion Robot has a great ability to pick up dust and debris aggressively in a steady work. Equipped with a front bumper comparable to the Roomba 690s, when approaching walls and other items, the Ion slows down but still bumps somewhat firmly into them.

4. Little setup

The S87 system needs little configuration. Just attach the slide brushes when you bring the robot out of the box, turn on the power, and position the device on the charging dock. Before the first use, you will have to charge it completely.

5. Enhanced navigation

When you move around your home, it utilizes the Smart Sensor 2.0 navigation. That implies that to prevent hitting them, it can detect any barrier. One thing you should note is that it is moving more sporadically.

On the ground, the unit zigzags, knocking barriers and walls slightly and then charging in the reverse direction until the entire surface is washed.

Product Benefits
  • Easy to clean dustbin
  • Easy app setup
  • High performance
  • Simple to use
  • Powerful suction
  • Impressive design
  • Decent battery life
  • Amazing edge and deep cleaning
The Negative Things
  • Quite expensive

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the vacuum clean vinyl plank wood floors?

Yes it does

2. Can it work without internet?

Yes, you can start it manually by pushing one of the buttons provided

3. Does this vacuum have a camera?


4. How large is the dustbin?

It is large enough compared to other models

5. Does it come with remote control for individuals without Wi-Fi?


Final Verdict

Shark ION has proved to be a nice-looking robotic vacuum cleaner that operates decently. The suction force is sufficient for both carpet and difficult floor applications.

The batteries are compatible and durable. It may not be the fastest, but the Shark Ion Robot R85 cleaned up our heart’s route rapidly. It not only performs exceptionally well but also impressed.

Its dustbin is extremely simple to wash, and the app makes it easy for the robot to maintain an eye on as it rotates around the house.