Shark Ion Robot 750 Review

Regardless of the type of floor you have, this beast would vacuum off a cloud of dirt from its top. The robot is magnificent to utilize with the aid of the Wi-Fi it has on it. Yes! This shark ion robot 750 variant features a dock also. And guess what?

You can use the dock for any of the Shark’s products. In short, we’re glad to present you with this premium product of unique feature.

This robot navigates so well, and it vacuums dirt and furs easily with quiet performance. Its performances are distinct in all ramification.

As a matter of fact, it uses a lithium-ion battery which is durable and capable of lasting for an extended period. And, when the dustbin is filled, the robot would notify you.

Indeed, this is one that its features are so appealing. You can use it in homes, offices, anywhere. Also, it has sensors on it which aid it to move randomly.

And guess what? It vacuums furs and dirt by brushing them. Although its base is not too far from the ground level, yet it either brushes in the trash inside its bin or brushes them aside.

It’s a robot with so many exciting features. Check out for more information below:

Shark Ion Robot 750 Review | 5 Major Features:

1. Robotic VacuumShark Ion Robot 750 Review

It renders a total of hand-free service. It cleans the floor without any assistance. It does it by itself. It masters the layout of the building and moves around for the removal of debris in the house.

It uses a lithium-ion battery for its power. Except for switching it on and off, there is no other thing to do to get the begin using it.

However, it has a 9ft bot boundary. Rolling out this is cautioning the robot to avoid the region, and it would automatically adhere.

The intriguing fact is that it can work flawlessly on any surface. It won’t just allow you to stress yourself anymore by cleaning the house. It can work for hours non-stop.

2. Wi-Fi

This Shark Ion 750 uses Wi-fi. You can download the Alexa and use it for switching on and off the robot. However, there are buttons on it that makes turning on and off the performance of the robot.

The dock also uses it to navigate/locate where the robot is sited. The Wi-fi enables you to schedule its time of operation.

It enables you to control the robot’s system even when you’re in outdoor. You can control the robot from another country as long as the robot is connected to the wi-fi.

With the Alexa, you can give commands to the robot, and it would adhere. The robot has sensors on it which aid in mastering the layout and construction of a building.

Therefore, the Wi-fi and the sensor are the selling point of this product.

3. Design

This product has a circular shape. It has buttons at the top and stored the side can remove dirt and debris.

Whereas, the dimension of this product is 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches, and it weighs 5.5 pounds. It comes with a 1-C battery which is durable and last for an hour after a 3-hour of charge.

There is a HEPA filter in the construction of this product. The robot moves in random motion in eradicating short and curve threshold.

Larger ones are identified as an obstacle, so what it does instead is reverse and take another route. It has dual brush bristle that makes cleaning of corners and tight regions very easy.

4. Dock

Shark Ion Robot 750 Review The docking is for power outlets of 120V. It has a 120V to 19V transformer.

The dock station is the charging station. It signals the robot when there is a need for a recharge.

The dock is static and not mobile as the robot. You might need to position it on the floor in a conspicuous area where the robot can find it before you begin to use it.

Using this is not complicated at all; it comes with a manual that has a piece of explicit information that educate users about installing it.

Almost every part of the product, including the dock, is made of ABS plastic. Besides, it’s one that you can use for a long time.

5. Accessories

This comes with two side brushes, a filter, a lithium-ion battery, a charging dock, a 9ft bot boundary, two bot boundary connectors, and one cleaning tool.

They come with the delivery of the product so that you can have the best use of the product.

Why Should You Use Shark Ion Robot 750?


Shark Ion Robot 750 Review

1. A 1-Year Warranty

This product has a 1-year warranty. The warranty covers the full rebate of the money. The manufacturer’s policies are one that you rely on for a long time. Thousands have purchased this, and they are still having the best use of it.

2. 380ML Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of this product is 380ML. With this, you can be sure that a wide area would become cleaned. The trash is plastic, and it’s very to remove from the side. The filter is removable too.

3. Noiselessness

This is one that would cover a vast region without constituting nuisances. However, it’s noisier on a wood floor than a rug. It’s one that you won’t find difficulties using it at all.

4. High Performances

It has brush rolls on its two sides. You’ll notice that there won’t be pieces left once it suctions an area, why? Because it’s highly reliable to use.

5. 3-Button Design

There are buttons on its top that makes using it manually. There are symbols on it them that make users find them easy to use. The battery is easy to change.

Product Benefits
  • Alexa and wi-fi work with this.
  • Downloading the app and setting it is secure.
  • You can use the firmware with this, and you can use it manually.
  • The trash it has on it has a capacity of 380ml.
  • It comes with a docking station.
  • It has a dual brush on it that makes cleaning exquisite.
  • This product has a 1-year warranty.
The Negative Things

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many batteries does it use?

Answer: This uses one lithium-ion battery.

2. You mean the warranty covers the full-money return?

Answer: Yes, I do.

3. Where is this product manufactured?

Answer: It’s manufactured in the US.

4. Is this lightweight?

Answer: Yes, it is.

5. Can I clean it as others clean theirs?

Answer: Use the proprietary guideline according to shark manual to do that.

Final Verdict

We hope you’re impugned and have found reasons to purchase this product. We advise you to launch out for this, and you won’t regret it.

It will give you all the services that you need. In fact, you can check it out on Amazon by yourself. You’ll enjoy its use.