Shark Ion P50 Review

Shark ion P50 vacuum cleaner is a cordless powered lift away that works well on floors and also as an upright vacuum cleaner. This machine is built to remove dirt that otherwise troubles us.

It comes with a detachable floor nozzle, handles, hose, removable dust pod, wand, and rechargeable ION battery. It also features an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, and a duster crevice tool.

The vacuum cleaner has been designed to be quiet than most vacuum cleaners. It is fitted with amazing features such as Duoclean technology, power lift-away technology, and other great features.

The vacuum cleaner is considered to be great and one of the best in its class concerning its functions. The vacuum is capable of deep cleaning carpets, wood floors and also cleans the dirt that has accumulated on your walls.

The vacuum is cordless meaning you can lift it and clean everywhere without being limited by the length of the cord. It is also averagely lightweight compared to many other vacuum cleaners.

Shark Ion P50 Review / 5 Major Features: 

1. Ion BatteryShark Ion P50 Review

One major feature that makes the shark ion p50 stand out is its cordless capabilities thanks to its powerful high-capacity lithium battery with 28.8 volts.

The battery can be charged in four ways; the first is charging the battery directly into the socket with the charging cord.

You can also charge with the vacuum charging with the holster. The third is by plugging the cord into a special dock, and finally, you can charge within charge and go method.

These options are available to accommodate multiple batteries. The battery can run up to 50 min in the lift-away mode.

2. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

The dust cup in the shark ion p50 is lined with an anti-allergen seal. This technology helps capture any dust particles and any allergens that are bigger than 0.3 microns.

This vacuum has an excellent filtration system that is very suitable and great to be used around people who are allergic.

Other vacuums without complete seal technology may kick the dust back hence not suitable for allergic people.

This technology in shark ion p50 ensures 99.9% of dust particles get to the filters safely; therefore if you are allergic to dust or have someone sensitive in your home then keep this feature in mind.

3. Power and SuctionShark Ion P50 Review

The shark ion p50, when working on Duoclean technology, has an exceptional ability that you might not believe it has with its size.

It gives enough power to clean deep carpets as well as hardwood floors. This vacuum has many modes that boost its power.

In the boost mode, the suction power is around 100 AW, and this will clean a great deal of dirt, though you have got to keep an eye on the battery level because the boost mode drains the battery much faster.

In general, the power and suction in this vacuum are high, and this is made possible with the Duoclean technology.

4. Dust Canister

The vacuum has a reasonable size dust canister for an average cordless vacuum. One thing that is good about its dust canister is its big size means you don’t keep on emptying it while you are cleaning.

Another positive thing about its dust canister is that it is easy to clean; you detach the dust cup and hold it over your trashcan then slide the bottom out.

A simple pushing of a bottom detaches the dust can, and the debris falls out. One thing to note is that the trash does not quickly get stuck in the dust cup; therefore, you rarely need to place a hand inside to dig out the dirt.

5. Weight and movement

Shark ion p50 is a lightweight upright vacuum weighing 12 lbs., excluding its accessories. Its lift-away pod weighs 5.4 lbs hence not too heavy to carry around although it is not that lightweight also.

The movement of this vacuum cleaner is outstanding on both low pile carpets and bare floors. Its swivel steering enables the user to change direction with just a twist of the wrist.

It is also easy to move forward, although moving backward is not as moving forward. Generally, it has excellent movement capabilities that will make cleaning easy.

Why should you use Shark Ion P50?

Shark Ion P50 Review

1. Accessories

The accessories in this vacuum cleaner are a lot. It gives a wide range of choices to choose from a total of 15 options for you to choose.

These choices include over five types of crevice tools for cleaning tight and narrow spaces that are hard to reach.

It has three types of dust brushes; 2 types of upholstery tools; few tools specially made to remove pet hair from your furniture and floors; micro tools for cleaning delicate things, computer keyboard and car dashboard.

2. Warranty

One reason why you should use a shark ion P50 vacuum cleaner is its warranty. This vacuum cleaner carries a five-year warranty and a two-year limited battery warranty.

This warranty assures you of usage and in the event of the vacuum not working correctly then you can get assistance.

3. Durability

Shark ion P50 is made with quality parts that make it durable. It has a rechargeable battery excellent offering good services and up to 50 min when fully charged.

Its other components have been made with quality materials to ensure an extended lifespan. Shark ion P50 is a vacuum you will buy and use it extensively for a very long time.

4. Design

The vacuum has a great design that makes it function well. The first thing is its cordless design making work more comfortable.

Its lift-away feature adds to its excellent design as well as makes cleaning efficient and comfortable.It has a great handle with controls attached to it for easy usage when cleaning.

5. Portable

This vacuum cleaner is highly portable. You can carry it around while cleaning. It is lightweight weighing 12 lbs. Its lift-away feature also adds to its portability.

It makes it easy to clean even hard to reach areas. Overall the portability of this vacuum cleaner is a reason why you should use a shark ion P50.

Product Benefits
  • Easy to maneuver and move
  • Its controls are conveniently located on the handle
  • Gives quiet operation
  • Respectable run time
  • Has larger dust canister than many stick vacuums
  • Its lift-away feature is useful
  • Duoclean technology works well
  • Has removable battery
  • Has a headlight
  • Top-notch filtration
The Negative Things
  • Its brush rolls have no turning off the feature
  • Tools are compression fit
  • Its edge cleaning is not the best

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What battery does Shark ion p50 use?

XBAT 300

2. How many batteries does this vacuum come with?

One rechargeable battery

3. Can it be plugged into 220 volts ac?

It needs to be plugged into 120 volts outlet.

4. How long does its battery take to charge fully?

Approximately three and a half hours

5. What is its weight?

12.03 lbs.

Final Verdict

Shark ion P50 is one of the quiet vacuum cleaners out there in comparison to others. Many consumers have given the same outstanding review. Its Duoclean technology is exceptional.

It is a vacuum that works well in all floors to give a clean dust-free floor. Even though it has few minor cons, the Shark ion P50 is a good investment considering its performance.It is one vacuum cleaner that anyone should consider buying.