Shark ion f80 review

The new Shark F80 is the upgraded version of the Shark Ion Flex 2x. The F80 has many of the same features as the Ion Flex, including the Duo Clean technology, LED lights on the nozzle, and the multi flex feature that is a flexible wand activated under furniture without bending over with a button to vacuum.

This vacuum is highly adaptable, making it faster and more comfortable for your daily clean-ups. It has many practical features and comes at a reasonable price tag.

And it has already gained high user ratings and praise reviews, which is why we can see this vacuum becoming popular in the market.

The vacuum has a low and high performance environment with a 1-minute timer for the high performance. You can also flip a switch to alter the suction and brush roll velocity of the device from carpet to difficult surfaces.

It features a Duo Clean technology that translates into an innovative cleaner head design that incorporates a smooth roller that makes it incredible for difficult floors as well as a normal carpet agitation brush roll.

With two interchangeable batteries, the F80 has an outstanding run time of up to 80 minutes, which is an outstanding achievement for such a lightweight vacuum.

It also has the wonderful Duo Clean vacuum head combining two cleaning heads in one, the Multi Flex feature allowing it to stand up freely, and a few other practical characteristics such as the LED headlamps and fingertip controls.

Shark Ion F80 Review / 5 Major Features:

1. Duo Clean systemShark ion f80

Shark utilizes an innovative roll of brush to make this vacuum versatile and improve its capacity to pick up dirt. The DuoClean scheme is a ground head with two distinct brush rolls.

One is a smooth brush while the other is the standard rigid bristled brush that is generally used to wash carpets in vacuum floor heads.

The DuoClean cleaner head on the F80 has a removable lid that makes it extremely easy to wash. As usual, pet and human hair get tangled around the brush roll, so you’ll need to keep it clean.

As a cordless stick, the cleaner head can be easily detached from the wand, so you don’t have to twist the vacuum to attempt to clean it.

The smooth brush operates without damaging them to wash difficult floors. You never have to worry about the surface you’re cleaning with these two brush rolls, the machine transitions automatically once you pick the environment you need.

It involves secure cleaning of delicate, difficult floors and effective tapestry cleaning.The front plush brush roll can also be removed entirely from the cleaner head if extra cleaning is required.

2. Autonomy

The vacuum has features that make it more usable and capable of cleaning distinct kinds of floors. The vacuum cleaner achieves cleaning power and effectiveness that other vacuums in its class can only dream of using the mixture of a strong battery, distinctive brush design, and several other features.

It is also rechargeable, and when fully drained, it takes about 3 hours to achieve complete ability. Depending on the cleaning mode, the time it takes for the battery pack to discharge, differs with the ion.

The battery is removable and can be charged by the maker while still on or separately on the unit. One thing that distinguishes the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX is that it comes with two batteries and provides expanded runtime.

3. Cleaning /suction power

The Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX’s suction force is fantastic. While the business does not reveal values for this, independent studies discovered airflow to achieve 38 CFM when the cleaning mode set to the maximum standard.

The airflow reaches 24 CFM at its smallest level. The airflow reaches 24 CFM at its smallest level. That’s about 100 AW, meaning the vacuum engine is very strong.

Although it does not appear to be very big, the suction generated is strong enough to remove stuck dirt, even the debris deep within the thick carpet fibers.

However, the capacity of the ION F80 to collect dust does not rely primarily on the airflow. Instead, it is the brush roll design that makes this vacuum such an efficient cleaner.

The manufacturer calls the design a DuoClean system and consists of a powered cleaning head where two distinct brushes are.

4. DesignShark ion f80 review

The design of the Shark F80 is very similar at a glance to that of the Dyson cordless vacuum series.

With a straightforward stick extending down to the cleaner head, the vacuum guts are in a detachable handheld.

It implies that the majority of the vacuum weight is kept in your hand.

The user can then decide to rest the vacuum on a wall or furniture. At the bottom of the handheld, itincludes smooth pads that will allow it to rest against the wall without touching the wall with plastic.

The removable battery is a significant distinction between the Shark F80 and Dyson V-Series stick vacuums. If you have a large region to vacuum, then this might be the right choice.

5. Massive Dustbin

The dust cup is smallish at 0.3 dry quarts, but it is still sufficient for most households that have a pet or two. The container is easy to detach and empty, and you can quickly dump the dirt and give the cup a rinse when needed.

In the long run, a washable dirt cup will save you quite a few bucks because you don’t need to buy disposable dust bags. And it’s good for the environment as well!

The capability of the dust cup is 0.3 of dry quarts. If you have animals in your home or if you have high traffic areas to vacuum, you may consider this insufficient as it may mean having to remove the bin after each vacuuming session for emptying. However, the manufacturer makes it simple for you to empty the dust.

Why Should You Use Shark Ion F80?

Shark ion f80 review

1. Filtration efficiency

The vacuum utilizes both pre-motor and post-motor filtration washable filters. The filters are materials of foam and felt and are used to wash the air that reaches the engine as well as the air that comes out of the unit.

The manufacturer advises to wash the filters frequently in order to restore their effectiveness and to avoid cases where the suction force of the vacuum is reduced.

One thing worth noting is that if you are susceptible to seasonal allergies, the filters are not HEPA and may not be appropriate.

2. Powerful and removable battery

The battery is a pack of 25.2V and 9.5A. It ensures that you have sufficient energy to operate the multiple components and features of the vacuum, from the brush roll, lift-away, to the headlights and the numerous indicators.

The battery runtime for a stick vacuum is one of the longest and varies from 20 minutes to as long as 1 hr 20 min depending on the cleaning mode in use.

3. Compact and portable

It weighs 8.7 lbs. It makes it a lightweight and extremely portable unit without any of the accessories attached.

It measures 45.9 approximately 13.4 / 10.2 inches. Besides being light and not very bulky, when you store the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX after use, you will discover the collapsible wand such a useful feature.

4. Attachments

The upholstery instrument on the left is suitable for hair and dust vacuuming that is stuck on a sofa. With the cleaner head separated, the vacuum can readily reach a typical ceiling or fan, since you have about 37 inches of reach from the handheld to the end of the wand.

5. Dual lithium ION battery packs

Provide sufficient runtime on one charge to clean big homes. Lithium energy is synonymous with fade-free, so efficiency, and it is not degraded until it is drained.

Product Benefits
  • Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Removable lid
  • Freestanding storage mode
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Headlights for better visibility
  • DuoClean cleaner head
  • Two removable batteries
  • Washable filters
The Negative Things
  • Smallish dirt cup
  • No HEPA filter

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can it work well for carpets?


2. How much does this vacuum weigh?

It is lightweight and cordless

3. Does it have attachments?

Yes it includes an 8″ crevice tool and an upholstery tool

4. How long is the warranty?

Five years

5. What is the power lift away in the vacuum?

The power revolving brush

Final Verdict

The Shark F80 cordless stick vacuum is better than any non-DuoClean cordless vacuum you can get consideringits pickup capability and is also the best you can get in terms of battery life for a cordless vacuum.

That being said, the Shark IONFlex 2x, which also comes with two batteries, is not all that distinct. It features a removable battery which provides you the choice to buy several of them and never runs out of energy while washing.

When purchasing the vacuum, the supplier offers you with two batteries, and you can decide if you want one extra.