How to use a Shark Vacuum

Shark Vacuum is one of the best brands when it comes to vacuums, and people are aware. It is easy to use, it cleans carpets effectively, and it is very durable.

However, that is only when you use it properly. For instance, if you don’t clean the hose often, it may not last long. Secondly, you should always empty its dust canister after every use.

Doing so will help to prevent malfunctioning. Here are the steps involved in using a Shark Vacuum properly.

1. Check the Package for all its Accessories

Some packages sometimes arrive with missing accessories, and you may not know until you need the particular accessory. By then, the return window may have closed. You’ll be stuck with a shark Vacuum with incomplete accessories.

To prevent that, once you open the package, look for its manual. The manual usually lists out all the accessories in the pack. Check them one after the other to be sure they are all complete.

If not, you should quickly call the supplier. You may not need to return it as the missing part may be shipped to your location. You may come across accessories whose use you don’t understand.

When you study the manual properly, you’ll understand the importance and use of every part. Hence, it is necessary to study the manual very well before you begin to set the vacuum up.

2. Set it up

You can now set it up by following the setup guide in the manual. On the other hand, if it’s been set up before you handle it, you should check its dust bag or canister. If you find any dust in it, empty it before and after every vacuuming session.

3. Adjust the settings

Many times, Shark Vacuums often come with default settings, but the settings may not be appropriate for your carpet. So, you should check the settings and adjust it if need be.

You may even use it briefly to confirm if the setting is okay for your carpet or not. As you keep using it, you’ll eventually discover the best settings for your carpet.

4. Move all obstacles out

Empty apartments and empty parts of the house are usually the easiest to clean because they have the least obstacles.

If you’re cleaning your living room, even if you can’t remove your furniture, you should remove all the other smaller items to make your cleaning session a smooth and fast one.

5. Start vacuuming

Now, you can start vacuuming. Ensure you get to every nook and cranny of your apartment. Try as much as possible not to leave out any other area. Of course, there may be smaller areas that are inaccessible. This leads to the next step.

6. Use the necessary accessories and attachments

Shark Vacuums usually come with different accessories and attachments for different areas. A good example is the crevice cleaning head that is used for cleaning areas where the bigger head cannot reach. So, you may need to make use of the attachments.

7. Wash the vacuum brush

Several parts of the Shark Vacuums require periodic cleaning. A good example of such parts is the brush. It can only clean dust if it is clean.

When the brush is dirty, it will affect its performance. The vacuum will pick some dust and drop some. You need to clean it with some water and detergent to clean all the attachments.

The best way is to pour some detergent in a bucket of water and drop the brush inside. Leave it for about 5 minutes before you bring out and rinse it thoroughly. Leave it dry before fixing it back.

8. Comb the bristles of the brush

Comb the bristles of the brush to remove any dirt, hair, or gunk left in it even after washing it. Besides, combing it also facilitates the drying process.

Remember to clean the process as often as you use your Shark Vacuum. This will put it in top condition always.

Maintenance Tips

You must always ensure that the motor is in good condition before each vacuuming session. Secondly, it is necessary to check the dust cap before you carry out any vacuum.

Always empty it before use. If you leave some debris in the dust canister before you use it, the cup may get full while in use. The vacuum may begin to spill the dust that you’re trying to eliminate.

It is also important that you clean or replace the filters of your vacuum after every use. If the vacuum comes with reusable filters, you can clean and replace it after every use.

On the other hand, if the vacuum has a non-reusable filter, you can replace it after every 2-3 uses.Try and oil the movable parts of the vacuum regularly to prevent them from rusting or stiffening up.

If any, the warranty on it may be voided if a non-certified technician works on it. So, if there is any reason to check it, ensure you hire only a certified technician.

Safety tips

  • Once you are done using the vacuum, always unplug it from the socket and store it in the right place. When you leave it plugged, someone may trip over its cord. If you have a toddler at home, he could go and tamper with it.
  • Most vacuums are meant for indoor use. So, use them as such.
  • Don’t vacuum a wet surface. It often damages the motor of the vacuum. Since liquid conducts electricity, vacuuming a wet surface could lead to an electric shock. Whenever you mistakenly use it on a wet surface, get it checked by a certified technician.
  • It is better to store it on the ground to prevent it from dropping. When it drops, its impact could damage some components in it.

Final Verdict

Having gone through the articles from the beginning, you should now understand how to use a Shark Vacuum and how to maintain it.