How to Remove and Replace the Lower Hose of a Shark Rotator Vacuum

The Shark vacuum is one of the most popular brands of vacuums because of its ability to vacuum dirt, debris, dust, and stains effectively.

The brand has several models, and they come at different prices. Nevertheless, if it is a Shark vacuum, you’ll enjoy it. While all Shark vacuums are known to be durable, how you take care of them can also make the difference.

Every speck of dirt or debris passes through the hose, and that is why it easily gets filthy and smelly. Hence, it is necessary to wash your hose regularly.

According to several users, washing the hose is not the problem, but being able to remove it is the real problem. This article gives the required steps involved in removing the lower hose of any Shark Vacuum.

How to Remove the Hose:

Step 1

Although this is not compulsory, you can disconnect the base from the stick for easier access to the hose. After that, you can place the base of the vacuum face down and have the roller brush face you.

Look for the screws that hold the base in place. They are usually 5 in number. Remove all of them one after the other put them in a safe place to avoid mistakenly kicking them away.

You know they are quite tiny.  A Phillips #1 screwdriver should be the appropriate screwdriver for the screws.

Step 2

Now, you have to remove the two small wheels below the roller.  Don’t just use any tool to remove them. You could damage them. There is a plastic prying tool meant for their removal.

However, you may need to apply some force even with the plastic prying tool. Be careful. Apply some force but don’t go to the extreme. Find a middle ground.

Locate three plastic screws that are holding down a flat plastic panel. You need to remove the screws one after the other and also remove the flat panel.

Step 3

Now, you can turn the vacuum around, making the roller brush face the ground. Hold the vacuum firmly and pull up the top of the vacuum halfway, which will give you easy access to the heads of some cables.

Do you know why you can’t pull the top off completely? Some cables still connect it to the other half. You need to disconnect the cables from the head.

Step 4

After lifting the top of the vacuum head halfway, look for some cables that connect the head to the other half. Pinch the head of the cables and pull them upward to disconnect them.

Now, you can remove the upper casing completely. Turn the vacuum to the original position with the roller brush facing you.

You’ll notice that the hose is held down by a screw on the right of the vacuum hose.  Remove the screw with a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

Step 5

Now, you can pull out the hose from the end that is attached to the roller brush. It is usually darker than the other parts of the hose. You have to twist the hose out of its chamber. This will require a little bit of force.

You can either wash the hose, leave it to dry or replace it with another hose if it is damaged. Unfortunately, replacing the hose is a little more difficult than removing it.

Nevertheless, you should still be able to handle it if you have been able to remove it successfully.  You only need to reverse all the steps you took in removing it.

How to Replace the Lower Hose:

Step 1

Fix the hose back into its chamber the way you twisted it out. Remember that you removed it first from the end that is attached to the roller brush. This time you’ll fix it in from the other end before you connect the roller brush end of the hose.

Step 2

Screw back the screw on the right of the new hose and tighten it. It was the screw that held the hose down. Turn the vacuum head the other way to connect the cables you removed, and fix the cover back the upper casing the exact way you removed it.

Step 3

Fix the plastic panel to its position and screw the three screws back to their rightful position to keep the panel in place. Then, you should fix the two wheels that you removed.

Step 4

Finally, you can put back the five screws that held the base in place before you dismantled it. Screw them one after the other. After that, you can now connect the stick. That’s all.

While this may sound very easy, you can easily mess things up. Whenever you get confused in the process, don’t engage in trial by error.

You could make things even worse. Instead, it is better to call a professional or call their customer care team. They could walk you through the process.

You need to remove the hose once in a while either to wash it or to change it completely. After removing the hose, it is necessary to check if there are lumps of dirt blocking it.

Remove the dirt completely by running a thin metal through it. You can also run water through it. After that, you can insert a feather duster inside it and twirl it around to remove any other sticky debris left in the hose.

Bend the hose to form a “U” shape. Pour some warm water into it. Hold it firmly at both ends and shake it thoroughly. Then release the water. Do it a couple of times more. You can now wipe it dry with a dry piece of cotton cloth.

Final Verdict

Now, you know how to remove and replace the lower hose of a Shark Rotator Vacuum. It may be difficult at the beginning. The more you remove and replace it, the better you’ll get at it.

However, you need to apply caution for the first time so that you don’t damage it. Once you run into a hitch, call a professional.

Finally, washing the hose of your vacuum often will keep bacteria and allergens at bay, and it will also lengthen the lifespan of the vacuum.