Best Shark Upright Vacuum

Are you a lover of a ‘Push & Pull’ vacuum cleaner? If yes, then the Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners is what you rarely need. They have an ergonomic structure, and there is a handle on them which make their use awesome.

However, there are two types of Shark Upright Vacuum cleaners. They are navigator and rotator. Of course, you would find the two models here on this platform.

In spite of the differences between the two types, there are some intriguing features that they have in common. As a matter of fact, you can use any of the two kinds on any surface.

Nonetheless, we impugn you to opt for the very one that would suit your elementary requirement. So, check out the very ones that we’ve made available for you here below:

Our Picks of 10 Best Shark upright vacuum Reviews:

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E 

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EOne of the products that’s designed for the aged to use is this. With this, there is no bending or squirting.

You can drive it inside clumsy regions and move it on all surfaces, and you won’t find difficulties using it at all.

Of course; just like any other vacuum cleaners, this also comes with a dustbin. The dustbin is tall and is easy to remove. It has buttons on it that makes its functionalities explicit.

There is even a button that you can utilize to remove the dustbin itself. And, there is another that you can use to stop the brush rolls. You’d another also to initiate and halt its power.

Although it is a corded power tool, yet users can use it with ease. The cord is 30ft long, and you can flexibly move around the house with the use of this product.

There are also attachments with this. You can clean a vehicles’ seat with the accessories. It comes with two wands: the longest is 24” long while the other is 8” long.

Also, it comes with two washable dust pads. The handle, on the other hand, can be adjusted. It’s just one that you would enjoy making use of with ease.


  • The dimension of this product is 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches, and it weighs 13.7 pounds.
  • It is an upright vacuum cleaner that one can use for any floor.
  • It has an anti-allergen seal and HEPA filter that aid in restricting the movement of the dust within the enclosed dustbin.
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It’s lightweight and its maneuvering it is easy because the handle is adjustable.
  • The product is highly dependable to use.

2. Shark APEX (AV1002) with DuoClean and Zero-M  

Shark APEX (AV1002) with DuoClean and Zero-M You can now maximize your comfort by using this premium product that comes with attachments. The attachments make it viable for cleaning staircases, walls, ceilings, and cars.

It has dual brush rolls. This double brush roll ultimately aids the functionality of this machine to be versatile and consistent regardless of the nature of the floor.

For furs and hair removal, this product would do wonder. And guess what? The serenity of your home would still be safe even while using this machine.

The design provides you with various options. The carrying options depends, however, on the attachment that you’re using at a point in time.

Besides; there is no complexity with its use because of the manual that comes with this. There is no complexity with its use at all. It even has a LED headlight. The button that’s designated for this is right at the handle, and you’d find the floor nozzle on it also.

The LED headlight makes it usable in the dark. In other words, this is a product that would increase your versatility. Of course; it has a canister like any other vacuum cleaner. Its dustbin is more prominent than many others in the marketplace.

This premium product is designed in such a manner to keep you working at maximum comfort.


  • The dimension of this product is 11.2 x 12.2 x 46 inches and weighs 24.8 pounds.
  • This features zero-M technology on its brush roll. It is a technology that makes the brush roll so functional in the removal of hair.
  • Although there are three separate methods that you can use for the cleaner, however, the attachment that you use is a significant determinant when it comes to this.
  • It works perfectly and quietly.
  • It comes with a canister that you can hurl its content with ease.
  • This product is one that any person can utilize.
  • It comes with a warranty also, and it’s affordable.

3. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum 

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright VacuumSeize the day with this product if you’re an individual that’s allergic to dust. Opt for this product and win the race to securing good health even in the quest of cleaning your house.

The product comes with a dustbin that holds 3.3 quarts of dust. The trash, indeed, has an anti-allergen seal on it and a cap on it.

Seriously, this doesn’t mean some others don’t possess this. But what makes the difference is the flexibility in hurling the debris from the canister even while working. That’s eccentric, right?! Of course.

And you can’t believe that this has LED headlight right on it. With the LED light, your efficiency would become limitless.

As a matter of fact, it has buttons on it that can accentuate your efficiency as well. It only uses 1-lithium ion battery though.

There’s a button that’s designated for the detachment of the canister. And, other buttons serve for various purposes. And when it comes to its aesthetic looks, this one is so magical!


  • The dimension of this product is 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches and weighs 15.4 pounds.
  • This features a HEPA filter and anti-allergic seals for the prevention of spreads by particulate matter.
  • Ultimate functions are found on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. You can switch the machine on/off from your fingertips by mere holding the handle. Also, you can release the canister with the press of a close-by button.
  • It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has LED light on it.
  • This features a dynamic swivel steering. It features attachments also.
  • The use of this product is incredible.

4. Shark DuoClean (NV771)

Shark DuoClean (NV771)This product is for homes that only have a small room for saving little gadget like this. Users can use it while standing upright, and it has a head which has an ergonomic structure.

The product has a handle, and that makes it usable with one hand. It features soft brush roll also that you would find comfortable to use. The soft brush removes particles distinctively.

It can remove hair and animal furs. It can function explicitly on wooden, concrete, tiled, and any floors.

Additional features that you’d find on it are LED headlight and an advanced swivel handle. It’s just one that you would enjoy its use.

You would find a HEPA filter with this, and there is an anti-allergen seal on its canister which you would love to use. They trash has a button that’s designated for its removal. Therefore, it’s one that you would use with ease.


  • The dimension of this product is 10 x 9.5 x 46 inches and weighs 13 pounds.
  • The pet multi-tool and duster crevice tool with no accessories all come with the delivery of this product.
  • There is an LED headlight at the front, which makes cleaning versatile.
  • The product is made by one of the top leading brands in the world.
  • The product is dependable to use.
  • You can find it in either red or black.

5. Shark ION F80 Upright Vacuum IF281 

Shark ION F80 Upright Vacuum IF281 Our product would undoubtedly make you work for a very long time; how? It comes with two Lithium-ion batteries. This product can run for 80 minutes non-stop.

Indeed; the batteries are removable, and you can even get extras as the case may be.

It comes with its charging dock also which makes all easy. It uses dual brush roll for the distinct removal of dust.

The intriguing futuristic about this is that you don’t need to bend an inch; why? Because you can multi-flex with this. There is string on its abutment that makes it reachable to corners and easy to save.

And guess what? You can use it as a handheld vacuum. With this feature, you can clean your ceilings and other parts in your house, including upholstery.

Of course, there is a headlight on this that you’d be glad to see. The cleaning of this product doesn’t require the use of soap. It comes with a manual that has the full detail about how to use it.


  • The dimension of this product is 13.4 x 10.2 x 46 inches and weighs 8.5 pounds.
  • It comes with two changeable lithium-ion batteries and has a handheld mode.
  • The product has an ergonomic structure and can easily be saved.
  • This is a cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with a dock station.
  • It comes with attachments that make using it at handheld mode easy.
  • You can depend on it for a long time.
  • It has a string on its abutment, and there are handles on it for users’ maximal conveniences.

6. Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum (ZS351) 

Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum (ZS351) Do you have problems with the construction of your floor? For example, if there are grouts on your surface/floor and there are no spaces, then you might need our product with suctioning power.

The corded vacuum cleaner would remove particulate matters even from incompatible tiles awesomely.

It trends on all surfaces. Just as it works for tiles, so likewise it works for carpets. The product features zero-m self-cleaning brush roll for deep suctioning.

Of course, it’s an upright cleaner that has an advanced swivel handle which makes maneuvering it super comfortable.

Although significant parts of its component are plastic and rubber, yet you can flexibly use it for a long time. It comes with an extra-large dustbin so that one can clean for a long time also. Would you be able to use this also as a handheld? Definitely!

It features a handheld mode and buttons that make the switch from one style so easy. The dustbin is XL large, and you can use the designated to control its removal easily.


  • The dimension of this product is 13.4 x 10.2 x 47.2 inches and weighs 13.95 pounds.
  • It is an ultra-light vacuum cleaner that as a handheld unit also.
  • The product comes with full accessories that you need to have the immediate use of it.
  • You can depend on it for a long time.
  • It is a corded vacuum cleaner that you can use for the cleaning of floor and ceilings.
  • There are bristle guards on this that aid in removing dirt of discrepant sizes.
  • It has a plastic material on it.

7. SharkNinja Navigator DLX Canister (NV70) 

SharkNinja Navigator DLX Canister (NV70) What would you crave for again when your vacuum cleaner features a cord that’s 30ft long and an advanced swivel handle? Absolute nothing, right? Of course!

This is a premium product that you can shut off/on the performances of its brush roll. The hose does excellent suction, and using it for edge cleaning is exquisite likewise.

If you need one for carpets, then this one is recommended for you genuinely. The sound and maneuvering the swivel handle on it is exquisite. Just like most products, this comes with a big dustbin also.

It uses the world-renowned XL size. With this, you don’t need to be disengaging the dirt from the inside often. It’s one that would provide you with the comfort that you crave for, trust me.

It’s portable, and you can move it around with ease. Apart from its aesthetic looks, it has an ergonomic structure. You’d enjoy the use of the product.


  • The dimension of this product is 11.4 x 12.2 x 45.5 inches and weighs 15.2 pounds.
  • It’s a lightweight vacuum cleaner that has a canister of an XL size.
  • It comes with buttons that can shut off the functionalities of the brush rolls.
  • This uses a 120-V power cord, and the cable is 30ft long.
  • You can maneuver it in any direction.
  • It features a HEPA filter and anti-allergen.

8. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (NV352) 

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (NV352)The upright vacuum cleaner is one that comes with sophisticated futuristic. And, one to look out for is the suction release collar.

This feature is what you need to correct the position of your carpet when necessary. It releases airflow through the nozzle on it.

Also, this has swiveling steering that you can use with maximum comfort. The handle is pretty long and one that anyone can use with ease.

The cord that this has is 15ft long, and you would find buttons on it that make it performances exquisite — transiting the vacuum from one floor to another.

Besides, the buttons can easily be accessed with your fingertips. There is a HEPA filter on this, and the canister is somewhat significant. There is turbo brush on this for extensive suctioning power.

However, you can still control the functionalities of brush rolls. It’s just one that you would find comfortable to use, trust me.


  • The dimension of this product is 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches and weighs 12.8 pounds.
  • The product has a swivel handle. This makes pushing and pulling the vacuum cleaner easier.
  • The product comes with a wide pet upholstery tool and a turbo brush.
  • It comes with a dustbin which is pretty broad but a bit complicated to remove.
  • The product is reliable to use on any floor.
  • It has buttons on it, and you can learn how to use them with the aid of the manual on it.

9. Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum (NV501) 

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum (NV501)Are you seeking a product that you can use for commercial purposes? I mean the very one that’s versatile to use; if yes, then you can use this.

This product is a top model in the marketplace that buyers have found easy to use.

This product is one that’s backed with a 5-year warranty. Therefore, you can depend on the functionality of this product for a long time.

It has headlight at the front and a handle. It has a shark rotator line for the quick removal of dirt — the HEPA filter on it which is easy to wash.

The cord, on the other hand, doesn’t retract but is 30ft long. Just like most products, this has suctioned at the sides also.

Furthermore, this product can be used on any floor, both wet and dry. The brush roll on it is durable, and there is no purchase of extras with the purchase of this product. It comes delivered in full.


  • The dimension of this product is 45.7 x 12.1 x 12.2 inches and weighs 15.5 pounds.
  • It has quiet performances although it does edge cleaning and the rotator line is 11.4”.
  • This uses a washable HEPA filter and a removable dustbin.
  • This product comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use.
  • It has a long hose and a high suctioning power.

10. Shark DuoClean Lift-Away (NV803)

Shark DuoClean Lift-Away (NV803)This is not an option; it’s a MUST-BUY product! This is a premium product that has LED headlight with a swivel hand. It’s 2-in-1 because it can stand upright and its dustbin is removable.

Invariably, this is the beast that you can get into any area. It comes with attachments which make it multi-functional.

With the accessories, you can use it to clean ceiling and floors at a tranquil sound. Everything about this product is admirable.

It even has one that you can use to remove dust from the upholstery. Regardless of the attachment that you are using; you would still be able to maneuver easily. The hose on it is removable and very powerful that it suctions with perfect ease.

The product doesn’t use batteries but has a cord. The cord is pretty long. This has a dual brush that you would find easy to use for all floors. You won’t just find difficulties using this.


  • The dimension of this product is 11.8 x 11.9 x 46.1 inches and weighs 15 pounds.
  • This has deep-clean on floors. It’s great for carpets and rugs.
  • Exquisite in the removal of tiny particles.
  • It uses dual brush roll for maximum effectiveness.
  • It comes with wands and other pleasant accessories.

Which Shark Upright Vacuum is the Best?

Which Shark Upright Vacuum is the Best

When one wants to purchase a product without going through the rigors of reading and skewing of options, what one would ask is that which shark upright vacuum is the best, right?

And, is that the contemplation that you are inside now? If yes, then save the stress by considering the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away True Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

What else would you want from a product that has the over 3,000 reviewers on Amazon and still maintains 4.4 stars? That’s crazy. Indeed, it is. It’s a product that millions of persons have grown to love.

Think of every feature that makes a Shark rotator vacuum unique and think of this. It’s flawless and one that you won’t find difficulties with its use at all.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Shark Upright Vacuum?

How to Choose the Best Shark Upright Vacuum

1. Navigator line or Rotator Line

You would have the choice to choose between the two. However, it’s expedient that you understand that Shark Vacuum Cleaner that possesses navigator line don’t suction massive debris like the former, but they are easier to handle because they are lightweight.

Those that feature rotator has headlights on them while those with navigator line don’t. Therefore, opt for the very one that would suit your need.

2. Dual Brush roll and Edge Cleaning

Of course, most products have this feature though not all has edge cleaning. The edge cleaning means the product can suction dirt even from the sides.

This is to enhance the cleaning capacity of the product. But, what we’d advise you to be mindful of is the attachment that your potential product features.

3. Cordless or Corded

Most power tools are found to either be corded or cordless. Therefore, look out for this when you’re on the hunt. Choose the very on that has the most extended cord, as the case may be, for corded tools.

Meanwhile, check for a product with a longer run time when opting for a cordless machine. You can still put the fact whether the battery/batteries is/are removable before making a final decision on a product.

4. Budget-Friendly

Products come with different prices. Notwithstanding, purchase the very one that would suit your need.

Put the cost as the secondary and the value that a product features as the elementary. Of course, you can do that by considering the reviews that are being provided by nominal buyers.

5. Canister

This is also known as the dustbin. The size of the trash determines the convenience in one way but not generically. However, this depends on where you intend using it.

For commercial use, you might consider a product with large canister, but this is optional for substantial use.

Final Verdict

These are the best shark upright vacuum. We hope that you’ve been able to choose the very one that’s best for your need.

The information here are factual and one that you can rely on for a long time. You could even browse-in the links provided to get better information.